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What is called Spine Surgeries?

Neck and back pains can be caused due to many reasons, injuries are among them. Doctors often try to remove the pain using medicines and other non-surgical options. However, when the pain refuses to go, they recommend spine surgeries.

Spine surgeries are done to treat pain and issues related to the neck, back, and spine. These spine surgeries can be either minimally invasive or more extensive, depending upon the medical requirements of the patients.

Some spine surgeries include microdiscectomy to treat a herniated disc, and posterolateral fusion to treat degenerative disc disease. X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs are parts of spine surgeries as they give surgeons the exact nature of the injuries to the body parts.

Types of Spine Surgeries

There are different types of spine surgeries required by patients to alleviate their pain, including:

Spondylolysis:- This surgery is done to treat a condition called spondylolysis where low back pain is caused due to stress fracture in the vertebra ( one or more) of the spinal column.  

Spondylolisthesis:- This surgery is done to treat a condition called spondylolisthesis where the stress fracture deepens to weaken the vertebra and disturb its position.

Spine Fusions: – Thus surgery is done mainly to treat injuries to the vertebra. It also treats disk degeneration between the vertebra and protrusion. 

Bone Grafts: – This surgery involves stimulation of the bone for healing and supporting the skeleton via gap fillings between bones.

Signs and Symptoms for Spine Surgeries

Symptoms are many that inform you about the need to go for spine surgeries, including:  

  • Pain and aches in the upper back
  • Pain and aches in the middle back
  • Pain and aches in the lower back
  • Issues with the proper functioning of the back
  • Stiffness of the back
  • Mild to severe back time as per the back movement
  • Sciatica problems causing lower back pain
  • Sciatic problems causing pain in the legs
  • Low Back Strain, whether chronic or acute
  • Nighttime Back Pain

Treatment of Spine Surgeries

Different approaches are used for treatment in spine surgeries. In an interior approach, an incision is made in the front area of the abdomen to remove the disc. The surgeon would access the front of the cervical spine through a 2-3 inches long cut on the side of the neck.

During spinal fusion, the bone is placed into the spine area for solid healing. Then there is discectomy where either one or all part of an intervertebral disc is removed from the spine. Endoscopic surgery is also prevalent in spinal cases.

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